Shree Amoluckchand Galada was a great Philanthropist who  set his footprints in Chennai many many years ago. Since then his son Shree Inderchand Galada and his grandson Shree Gyan Galada has carried his legacy.

Smt. Ganeshbai Galada wife of  Shree Amoluckchandji Galada was a pious and religious lady. Her deep involvement in religion and a strict disciplined life. She led, left a rich legacy of discipline, austerity and philosophic outlook of life on her son, Shree Inderchandji Galada and her grandson  Shree Gyan Galada.

Shree Inderchandji Galada, Son of Shree Amoluckchandji Galada was a man of high principles
and charitable nature.  

Galada Bank was one of the pioneer Banks of its time established during their legacy.

Since then we have been marking our expertise in various fields such as Education, 
Constructions, Investments, Finance, Pharmaceuticals, Leasing etc..,