About us..

Galada Group of Companies is over 200 years old organization in the field of Finance, Pharmaceuticals and Constructions. 

Our companies are Galada Pharmaceuticals, Amoluck Constructions, Galada Pvt. Ltd, Galada Estates, Galada Infrastructure & Projects, Galada Pharma Distributors. 

Galada Group of Companies takes pride itself on being "second to none" when it comes to dedicated business . Our Staffs are dedicated, experienced and well-trained to be a part of the next generation business activities. 

Established on 19th August, 1978 by Late Mr. Gyan Galada, Galada Pharmaceuticals has secured relationships with some of the country’s top pharmaceutical manufacturers since the last 30 years. 

Amolex Distributors was established in 2011 and is  Carrying and Forwarding agents for several top multinational Pharmaceutical companies.